John the Baptist: The baptism of Jesus

TEXT: MARK 1:9-11

John the Baptist is nearing the end of his ministry as Jesus comes to him and is also baptized by John.

Mark uses three verses to describe this scene (verses 9-11), two verses to describe Jesus' temptation in the wilderness (Mark 1:12-13) and one verse to show that John the Baptist was put into prison after Jesus was tested in the wilderness (Mark 1:14).

That is quite a brief summary of events.

John the Baptist: Preaching repentance

TEXT: Mark 1-8

John the Baptist is perhaps one of the most colorful characters in the New Testament. If you ever met him, you certainly would remember him if you saw him again- even if you were far away from him.

And there's one thing for sure - he got everyone's attention when he came to town.

The parable of the two sons

TEXT: Matthew 21:28-32

This is the first of three parables spoken by Jesus to the priests and scribes who dogged him in His second trip to the temple since His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Note that the temple was the first place Jesus stopped in that city – in His own Father's house.

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