Jesus calls His disciples

TEXT: Mark 1:14-19

Jesus begins his ministry, following a water baptism by John the Baptist, a spiritual baptism by the Holy Spirit and 40 days of temptations in the wilderness.

John the Baptist, meanwhile, is cast into prison, and as his ministry becomes lesser, Jesus' ministry becomes greater.

Peter's denial foretold

TEXT: MATTHEW 26:31-35

Following the Last Supper, Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn (yes, Jesus can sing) and departed for the Mount of Olives. On the way to the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 26:32 that they will all deny Him "tonight".

The word Jesus uses, according to the King James version of the Bible, is "offended," a word which is better translated as "confused."

Jesus curses the fig tree

TEXT: Matthew 21:17-22

You could well ask: “What did a fig tree ever do to Jesus that he would want to cause it to wither?”

A few things could be the answer to that question, and we can list them.

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