Jesus casts out religious demons

TEXT: Mark 1:21-28

Here in this passage, we have poof that the devil goes to church.

Setting the scene: Mark writes that Jesus has been baptized by John the Baptist, then tempted by Satan in the wilderness. After that, John the Baptist is imprisoned, and Jesus begins his ministry by calling  four fishermen to be disciples:  Simon (Peter), his brother Andrew, and James and John, who also brothers and the sons of Zebedee.

The temptation of Jesus: Mark's view

TEXT: Mark 1:12-13

Mark was, apparently, a man of few words. He described the entire temptation encounter between Jesus and the devil and in the wilderness in two verses.

Fortunately, Matthew and Luke give us greater detail - although John doesn't mention the encounter at all.

The unfaithful servant

TEXT: MATTHEW 24:45-51

The idea of Christ coming "suddenly" continues. After having told Christians to be ready, as Noah was, He now tells Christians how He expects to find them living when He returns.

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