John the Baptist: The baptism of Jesus

TEXT: MARK 1:9-11

John the Baptist is nearing the end of his ministry as Jesus comes to him and is also baptized by John.

Mark uses three verses to describe this scene (verses 9-11), two verses to describe Jesus' temptation in the wilderness (Mark 1:12-13) and one verse to show that John the Baptist was put into prison after Jesus was tested in the wilderness (Mark 1:14).

That is quite a brief summary of events.

Resurrection of Jesus

TEXT: Matthew 28:1-20

The chief priests and Pharisees of Matthew 27:62-66 have sent Pilate's soldiers to watch the tomb of Jesus. Despite that, Jesus was resurrected on the other side of the stone that blocked the entrance to His tomb as the guards stood watch, and there was nothing the Roman guards, scribes or Pharisees could do to stop that resurrection.

Burial of Jesus

TEXT: MATTHEW 27:57-66

Matthew divides the burial into two parts: The wrapping of Jesus' body and placement into a tomb, and the setting of a Roman guard by the tomb to watch for body snatchers.

The question about the resurrection

TEXT: Matthew 22:13-33

Q&A Round No. 2

Sadduccees, who don't believe in the resurrection of the dead, angels or even that there is a spirit in man, now approach Jesus to ask Him about what will happen in a hypothetical case involving the resurrection.

So, their tale begins. A woman marries a man who has seven brothers, he dies and they are childless. Mosaic law says she must marry his brother so they can have a child. The second brother marries her and they have no kids … all the way to the last brother. Still, the woman is childless. The Sadducees want to know whose wife she will be in the resurrection.

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