The real meaning of the Sabbath


In isaiah's day, the Sabbath had become a time when Jews became more concerned with ritual than personal fellowship with God.

Jesus calls Levi (Matthew)

TEXT: MARK 2:12-14

The last disciple recorded in scripture among the early disciples is Levi, also known as Matthew, who was sitting at a place that takes a toll for people to be able to pass.  It was a kind of  "toll tax office" (REFERENCE: Mark 2:13-14). Perhaps it was the Middle East's version of a toll booth.

It is not known how many disciples Jesus called in total, but it was more than 12 (REFERENCE: Mark 3:13-21). And if you count the disciples who were named in scripture before Jesus chose 12 for his inner circle, you'll find only six names - the other six names were revealed when Jesus made His final selection.

Resurrection of Jesus

TEXT: Matthew 28:1-20

The chief priests and Pharisees of Matthew 27:62-66 have sent Pilate's soldiers to watch the tomb of Jesus. Despite that, Jesus was resurrected on the other side of the stone that blocked the entrance to His tomb as the guards stood watch, and there was nothing the Roman guards, scribes or Pharisees could do to stop that resurrection.

Jesus mourns over Jerusalem

TEXT: MATTHEW 23:37-39

Jesus is ending his visit to the temple, a visit which began in anger when He chased all the concessionaires and money changers out of the temple (Chapter 21), and ended with His sorrow over a Jerusalem without God.


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