Evidence from the biblical past

Archaelogists uncover Jerusalem treasure trove

large_Temple-Mount-Treasure.jpgA rare and ancient trove of coins and jewelry has been found buried near Temple Mount in Jerusalem dating back to the 7th Century. 
The haul includes a total of 36 gold coins etched with images of Byzantine emperors and a 10cm medallion etched with a Menorah, Shofar made from a ram's horn and a Torah scroll.  

Archaeologists may have found biblical town of Dalmanutha

Dalmanutha.jpgSometimes, archaeologists discover a sweater; other times, they uncover entire towns.
The latter turns out to be the case in Israel, where a town has been found — and it could be one mentioned in a well-known Bible story.

Ancient site unearthed in Biblical home of Abraham

Excavation near the biblical site of Ur, once home to AbrahamBAGHDAD – British archaeologists said Thursday (March 4, 2013) they have unearthed a sprawling complex near the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq, home of the biblical Abraham.

Iron Age temple discovered in Israel amid road construction

medium_Israel-Iron_Age_Temple_found.pngJERUSALEM - When you’re planning on building a road in Israel near Jerusalem, you have to make more preparations than just flattening the land – case in point: a 2,750 year old temple discovered before a new section of highway was delivered here near the end of 2012.
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