Serve where you are

large_humility.jpgTEXT: Luke 14:7-11
It's a natural tendency for people to want to be like their role models.
For Christians, this could, for example, come out of an admiration of what they see great men or women of faith doing for the Lord, and perhaps the admiration also includes a desire for the same anointing they see upon their spiritual role models.
Perhaps (for us who can sing) it might be a desire to sing like our role models, preach like them, have faith like them or inspire others with the same gifts as those role models have.
But the problem with that line of reasoning, quite simply, is that we are not them; nor will we ever be.
The Lord made each one of us different, and that's verified in our fingerprints. Our fingerprints do not match anyone else's and no one else's matches ours. Take that one step further: The was only one Abraham. One David. One Solomon. One Gideon. One Moses. One Paul. And only one Billy Graham.
But who were they before God elevated them? They were nobodies.
When God met him, Abraham's name was Abram, and he was a Gentile (there were no Jews or Israelites then). David was a little boy tending sheep and had not killed any giants. Although he was David's son and he had a heart for the Israelites, Solomon was not yet wise. Gideon had no self confidence, and had a hard time even believing without his fleeces. Moses had fallen from his position in Pharoah's family, fled Egypt and ended up tending sheep for 40 years (and he was an old man - 80 years old). Paul had been a persecutor of Christians and had even held the rock-throwing Jews' cloaks as they killed Stephen - the Church's first martyr - with those stones. Billy Graham was a farmer's son who loved to play baseball more than anything else (more about Billy Graham's conversion is here).
The lesson here is that we need to serve God where we are in life. It is God who elevates and God who anoints. He determines how high we go and how much anointing is needed to get there - and to stay there.
If we want what we see others have in their Christian walk - no matter how noble our intent - we fail to see what God has for us as individuals. If we could distill everything down in the lives of those we have mentioned here, it would be that these historical figures were just being themselves, doing ordinary things and serving God in their own ways. And they were serving God in true humility, obediently and faithfully when God visited them where they lived before they were called.
It was God who gave them their dreams to go higher in Him, and it was God who equipped them with faith (Abraham), faithfulness (David), wisdom (Solomon), bravery (Gideon), guidance and fellowship (Moses), a revelation of Himself (Paul) and a desire to spread the news across the globe that God and His Christ belong to the whole world (Graham).
Don't try to "be" anyone else. Be yourself, and serve God with true humility right where you are. Be still. And In His own time and way, God will then elevate you to the place where you will best fit in, give you a dream (Jeremiah 29:11) and then empower you to see it fulfilled.