Resurrection of Jesus

TEXT: Matthew 28:1-20

The chief priests and Pharisees of Matthew 27:62-66 have sent Pilate's soldiers to watch the tomb of Jesus. Despite that, Jesus was resurrected on the other side of the stone that blocked the entrance to His tomb as the guards stood watch, and there was nothing the Roman guards, scribes or Pharisees could do to stop that resurrection.

Burial of Jesus

TEXT: MATTHEW 27:57-66

Matthew divides the burial into two parts: The wrapping of Jesus' body and placement into a tomb, and the setting of a Roman guard by the tomb to watch for body snatchers.

Crucifixion of Christ

TEXT: MATTHEW 27:32-56

The crucifixion of Jesus is the end of the plot hatched by the Jewish religious leaders (REFERENCE: Matthew 26:1-5), and now they follow Jesus to His death on the Cross.

Jesus before Pilate: Judgment Day

TEXT: MATTHEW 27:15-31

Jesus is spending his last few hours on the Earth, and will be dead by 3 p.m. (the ninth hour of this day, which started at 6 a.m.). REFERENCE: Matthew 27:46.


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