Jesus cleanses a leper

TEXT: Mark 1:40-45

Just before Jesus heads back to Capernaum to end His first crusade (verses 38-39), Mark writes about an encounter where a man with leprosy begged Jesus for healing.

The New International Version of the Bible says the man went to his knees and begged Jesus for healing (Mark 1:40). Jesus was moved with compassion, and touched Him.

Jesus heals Simon Peter's mother-in-law

TEXT: MARK 1:29-34.

Still in Capernaum, Jesus and his four disciples (Simon (Peter), Andrew, James and John) leave the synagogue where Jesus had just cast devils out of a worshiper, and proceed to the home of Simon and Andrew.

Now, in this passage of scripture, we see Jesus heal Simon's mother-in-law, followed by an evening of healing and deliverance of a large crowd of people afflicted with diseases or demons

Jesus casts out religious demons

TEXT: Mark 1:21-28

Here in this passage, we have poof that the devil goes to church.

Setting the scene: Mark writes that Jesus has been baptized by John the Baptist, then tempted by Satan in the wilderness. After that, John the Baptist is imprisoned, and Jesus begins his ministry by calling  four fishermen to be disciples:  Simon (Peter), his brother Andrew, and James and John, who also brothers and the sons of Zebedee.

Jesus calls Levi (Matthew)

TEXT: MARK 2:12-14

The last disciple recorded in scripture among the early disciples is Levi, also known as Matthew, who was sitting at a place that takes a toll for people to be able to pass.  It was a kind of  "toll tax office" (REFERENCE: Mark 2:13-14). Perhaps it was the Middle East's version of a toll booth.

It is not known how many disciples Jesus called in total, but it was more than 12 (REFERENCE: Mark 3:13-21). And if you count the disciples who were named in scripture before Jesus chose 12 for his inner circle, you'll find only six names - the other six names were revealed when Jesus made His final selection.


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