Archaeologists may have found biblical town of Dalmanutha

Dalmanutha.jpgSometimes, archaeologists discover a sweater; other times, they uncover entire towns.
The latter turns out to be the case in Israel, where a town has been found — and it could be one mentioned in a well-known Bible story.

Serve where you are

large_humility.jpgTEXT: Luke 14:7-11
It's a natural tendency for people to want to be like their role models.
For Christians, this could, for example, come out of an admiration of what they see great men or women of faith doing for the Lord, and perhaps the admiration also includes a desire for the same anointing they see upon their spiritual role models.

Ancient site unearthed in Biblical home of Abraham

Excavation near the biblical site of Ur, once home to AbrahamBAGHDAD – British archaeologists said Thursday (March 4, 2013) they have unearthed a sprawling complex near the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq, home of the biblical Abraham.

Notes on Revelation (Chapters 1-7)

Revelation Chapter 1: John's vision

Jesus Returns (Courtesy:

John has a Revelation and tells how it came about. It is important that the churches know that the revelation comes from Jesus, and that they understand that the revelation was also validated by the Holy Spirit.


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