Witnessing: Divine appointments

medium_wooden_cross.jpgWitnessing is a series of Divine appointments.

Jesus didn't just happen to come across people - the Father sent Him to those people.

Archaelogists uncover Jerusalem treasure trove

large_Temple-Mount-Treasure.jpgA rare and ancient trove of coins and jewelry has been found buried near Temple Mount in Jerusalem dating back to the 7th Century. 
The haul includes a total of 36 gold coins etched with images of Byzantine emperors and a 10cm medallion etched with a Menorah, Shofar made from a ram's horn and a Torah scroll.  

Archaeologists may have found biblical town of Dalmanutha

Dalmanutha.jpgSometimes, archaeologists discover a sweater; other times, they uncover entire towns.
The latter turns out to be the case in Israel, where a town has been found — and it could be one mentioned in a well-known Bible story.

Serve where you are

large_humility.jpgTEXT: Luke 14:7-11
It's a natural tendency for people to want to be like their role models.
For Christians, this could, for example, come out of an admiration of what they see great men or women of faith doing for the Lord, and perhaps the admiration also includes a desire for the same anointing they see upon their spiritual role models.


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