The parable of the two sons

TEXT: Matthew 21:28-32

This is the first of three parables spoken by Jesus to the priests and scribes who dogged him in His second trip to the temple since His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Note that the temple was the first place Jesus stopped in that city – in His own Father's house.

Jesus establishes his authority

TEXT: Matthew 21:23-27

The priests came to Jesus in this, Jesus’ second trip to the temple since he entered Jerusalem triumphantly in the first part of this chapter.

Jesus had earlier upbraided the chief priests and scribes in Matthew 21:12-16 following the cleansing of the temple by Jesus.

Jesus curses the fig tree

TEXT: Matthew 21:17-22

You could well ask: “What did a fig tree ever do to Jesus that he would want to cause it to wither?”

A few things could be the answer to that question, and we can list them.

Jesus launches his first crusade

TEXT: Mark 1:35-39

After Jesus heals Simon's mother-in-law, and a host of sick and demon-possessed people who showed up at Simon's front door in Capernaum, he now readies to launch a crusade that will take him and the disciples through all the towns of Galilee (REFERENCE: Mark 1:38).

We now look at the events surrounding that first crusade.


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