No man knows the day

TEXT: MATTHEW 24:36-44

Jesus continues his description of the End of Days. In this passage, Jesus' main point is that he could return at any time, so mankind should be ready all the time.

The parable of the fig tree

TEXT: MATTHEW 24:32-35

Jesus continues talking about the signs before the End of Days in this parable.

It is important to note that Jesus was speaking about the future; not the days of the disciples. The disciples only saw the "now", and no doubt tried to apply that perspective to Jesus' words even while He was still speaking.

The coming of the Son of Man

TEXT: MATTHEW 24:29-31

Jesus has just told the disciples about the destruction of the temple and the signs before the end of the world.

Now, Jesus describes in more detail what will happen after a tribulation period.

The destruction of the temple and signs before the end


In this passage, Jesus tells the disciples, in the first two verses, about the destruction of the temple, and of the signs that will occur before He returns to Earth to set up His Kingdom in the rest of the passage.

The destruction of the temple occurred in 70 A.D. The famous historian, Josephus, was an eyewitness to that destruction, and the tale he tells is chilling.


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