The judgment of the nations

TEXT: MATTHEW 25:31-46

After talking about the destruction of the temple and signs before the end in Chapter 24, followed by the telling of the parables of the 10 virgins and talents in Chapter 25, Jesus turns His attention to the judgment of the nations. This judgment takes place on Earth – not in heaven.

The parable of the talents

TEXT: MATTHEW 25: 14-30

This parable is told after the parable of the 10 virgins, in which the key thought was the oil of the holy spirit.

In the parable of the talents, they key thought is the currency of the spirit.

The parable of the 10 virgins


This parable speaks to the church – the Bride of Christ. In it, we are warned to keep the "oil" at hand and to be ready for the return of Christ at a moment's notice. We are also exhorted to not be foolish by failing to keep a supply of oil on hand at all times so that we may power our lamps when the bridegroom beckons.

The unfaithful servant

TEXT: MATTHEW 24:45-51

The idea of Christ coming "suddenly" continues. After having told Christians to be ready, as Noah was, He now tells Christians how He expects to find them living when He returns.


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