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Serve where you are

large_humility.jpgTEXT: Luke 14:7-11
It's a natural tendency for people to want to be like their role models.
For Christians, this could, for example, come out of an admiration of what they see great men or women of faith doing for the Lord, and perhaps the admiration also includes a desire for the same anointing they see upon their spiritual role models.

Jerusalem to rebuild iconic synagogue destroyed in 1948

1948 Synagogue


JERUSALEM - The Jerusalem Municipality awarded initial approval to a plan to rebuild the Tiferet Israel synagogue in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter, a magnificent domed synagogue from the 19th century which was destroyed in the 1948 War of Independence.

The project will recreate the three-story-tall synagogue as well as the iconic dome on the top, with only minor changes to the original, such as the introduction of an elevator to make the building more accessible.

Your thought life: Guarding against spiritual identity theft

medium_thethinker150x90.jpgHave you ever wondered why you think thoughts that seem to come out of a garbage can? Or, have you ever wondered, "Where did that thought come from?"
One of the tactics the Evil One uses is to masquerade a thought as "you" as he plants (inserts) a bad thought into your head.

The Gates of Hell


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