Apple praise, but a Rolls Royce desire

Christians may often wish they could praise God with more beautiful words than they actually have in their vocabulary. After all, we may reason, the angels' praise must make our praise seem small and ineffective. Maybe we also wonder how can we praise God in a way that accurately, sufficiently and beautifully describes His works and nature?

There is good news: Christians should not worry about how brittle and "small" the words of the praise are that they offer to God. When it comes to praising God, we should realize that the heart has its own vocabulary that speaks to God in Spirit and Truth. It is what is behind our words that God hears when we praise Him. Words mean little if there is no heart behind them.

Here's a metaphor to consider.

We really want to give God a Rolls Royce (beautiful, flowing words) of praise, but all we have is an apple of praise (our heartfelt thankfulness and gratefulness lodged within our heart that we may feel is made small by our seeming inability to express how we feel to God adequately).

Well, our "apple praise" may not seem like much to us in the grand scheme of things, but there is something else at work here: God doesn't mind apples when we try to praise Him from deep within our hearts, if that is the best we can offer Him.

When we offer praise and thanksgiving from deep within our heart, our words, thoughts - and intents - become just what He loves to hear - not long-winded prayers with plastic praise.

So, go ahead. Give God your apple.